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Ecommerce digital marketing is a core skill set for our team. Some of our clients who have seen the very best results are ecommerce store owners. 

Targeted website traffic is a must for ecommerce businesses, and our clients have seen increased traffic and sales from our work on their SEO, Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Email marketing automation and more.

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Client Ecommerce Case Studies

Burman Coffee

When Burman Coffee first came to us, they were wary about hiring an outside agency to help them sell their coffee roasters and unroasted coffee beans through their WooCommerce store.

Their primary concerns were their SEO rankings and managing their Google Ads.

Within one year, we helped them increase their organic rankings to double their Impressions and Clicks. See their Google Search Console data below.

And this wasn’t just more clicks from Google. They saw increased Year-over-Year sales from Organic Traffic of 46%!

And although they were skeptical about running Facebook Ads at first, we helped them pioneer this new paid channel into a major source of highly profitable sales month after month.

Facebook Ad example from Burman Coffee by Get Found Madison

Check out some of their incredible results below from their Facebook Ad account. Unlocking the power of Facebook ads earned them massive Returns on Ad Spend (ROAS)!

As of this writing, they’ve made over $398,000 in sales from $20,202 in ad spend for a Return on Ad Spend of 19.7x!

ecommerce facebook ad case study results from Get Found Madison showing over 19 ROAS

Google Ads have likewise made Burman Coffee a lot of money. From July 2019 to July 2020, we managed their ads for a 6x ROAS overall, with some Search, Display and Shopping campaigns doing even better!

Here’s what one of the owners Kathie Burman wrote in her Google review of Get Found Madison.

Burman Coffee Traders has been in business since 2002. We began working with Eagan and his Get Found Madison team approximately 1 year ago.

In that time, GFM has helped us set up a new email marketing tool that helped us grow our new prospect list to over 1000 contacts.

They also set up Facebook ads (and continue to manage them) that have resulted in a massive Return on Ad Spend of 1,804% (!).

Our year over year revenue from organic search is up 46.51%.

Our Google Search, Display and Shopping ads are seeing an overall Return on Ad Spend of 644%.

Eagan also reviewed our sales data to calculate our customer acquisition lifetime value which helped us recognize that 77% of our roaster buyers go on to purchase coffee beans and other products from us.

Lastly, our success manager, [Caroline Wahlen] has gone over and above by learning to roast her own coffee at home! She truly tries to understand our business and thus writes very effective Facebook copy.

We like working with everyone on the team and highly recommend them.

The Healthy Place (Apple Wellness)

When the owner of The Healthy Place Tim O’Brien came to us, he said he’s had trouble achieving a positive return on his Facebook Ads.

Tim had seen a lot of success selling locally at his retail stores by advertising on radio and TV, so he figured there must be a way to sell more health supplements through his online store.

We were impressed by how well he knew his numbers. Because repeat purchases are the core of his business, he told us he’d be happy with a mere 0.5x ROAS, knowing that once someone becomes a customer with him, they’ll buy more in the future.

As the coronavirus pandemic hit the US, we were able to help Tim offset his losses from his retail stores by vastly overshooting his ROAS goal on Facebook.

Check out these phenomenal returns from the ads Caroline on our team set up!

Successful Facebook ad example

Through March and April during the height of the initial scare from a global pandemic, our Facebook Ads for The Healthy Place returned 11.79x on ad spend!

Facebook Ads case study example

In a recent month (mid-June to mid-July 2020), Tim’s ads settled down to return 5.49x.

We are currently working with him on scaling up his spend and sales where things are working.

Tim’s team was also using MailChimp for their email marketing when they came to us.

We encouraged them to switch to Klaviyo, which offers more robust integration and automation with ecommerce stores like their WordPress WooCommerce site.

Our email marketing expert Chris set up a two email cart abandonment flow that now makes them $9,140 per month!

Needless to say, Tim has been pretty happy about how much in additional sales his company has now made and how we’ve blown away his initial ROAS target.

You can read his Google review here or below.

I own a company called The Healthy Place – Apple Wellness. We are just about to hit our ten year anniversary. I hired Get Found Madison for paid ads and SEO help. I must admit that when we first shook hands, I did not have a lot of faith because I had been disappointed a few times over the years in this area. Little did I know that they would immediately gain me more sales through paid ads. Get Found is literally fueling my mission to impact, empower, and educate the nation on natural alternatives!!

They also have given my team and I a clear road map of how to build our SEO in the coming years. I had know idea what kind magic they had in creating/managing email campaigns. Also, finding areas of my company to contribute that I didn’t even think of, like integrating our same day delivery program with our point of sale.

I could not be happier that I gave Get Found Madison a chance to help me in my business. I would recommend them to any business that wants to grow and reach more customers with their service or products.

I must also give a shout out to their team as well. ALL of them are super fun to work with. I look forward to every meeting! Keep up the great work Get Found Madison!!

-Tim OBrien
The Healthy Place

Choose Hope

Choose Hope Logo

Our client Choose Hope sells cancer support products.

Many of their products are inexpensive, so their Average Order Value (AOV) is relatively low.

This can pose a challenge when running paid traffic because it’s harder to achieve an acceptable cost per acquisition (CPA).

Even so, Caroline from our team has been able to get them over 300% ROAS with their paid social.

This was a brand new channel for Choose Hope, and Caroline continues to improve their performance.


CraftOptics sells an awesome, niche product that allows craft creators to see their work up close with specialty prescription magnifying glasses with a light.

This product has a higher price point, starting at $524 and going up to $823 for their main package.

Higher price points can present a challenge online because consumers will be more skeptical of ordering online without being able to touch and interact with the product.

Even so, we’ve been able to help CraftOptics reach a solid 648% ROAS on Facebook.

Likewise with their Google Search Ads, we’ve been able to get their CPA below $50 for this premium-priced product. This leaves plenty of room for profit!

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