Use this email template to ask for Google Reviews

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Reviews on your Google My Business page are almost certainly a ranking factor for Local SEO. And as you may know, once your business gets five reviews (update: nowadays you don’t even need this many), your stars start appearing.
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Those stars next to your business name help you stand out and make searchers want to click on your listing. Just look at the example above for “plumber verona.” Which of the three would you click if your shower drain was backed up?

How to get reviews on Google

Ask for them.


In just a minute, we’re going to give you an easy customer review email template that you can copy, paste, and send to happy customers. When you’ve satisfied a customer, ask them to review you on Google. This is the best and most reliable way to get those stars showing up under your business on Google.

First, we’ll show you how to create a Google My Business link to make it easy for customers to write a Google review for you. Then we’ll give you the email template so you can use that link to ask for Google reviews.

Why will customers agree to do it when I ask for a Google review?

Because you provided them with great service and they don’t mind hitting you back.

Because we said “because,” just like Robert Cialdini tells us to in his book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

If you’re B2B, you can also provide value for them by sharing info on how to create a Google My Business link for themselves (we’re about to get to that).

Since you are providing them with information to help their business, they will be more likely to help you. Reciprocity is another principle from Cialdini’s book.

How to link to your Google Local page for reviews

Your Google My Business page is not a traditional website. There’s no obvious link URL like there is for your main website.

However, it is possible to generate a link straight to your Google My Business reviews.

Fortunately, someone has made it easy by creating a tool. Check out how it works in our YouTube video here.



Here’s the link to the tool and here’s another one that also works. Note that you do need your Google My Business page already set up (and verified), so if you’ve never done that then take care of it first.

Other things to know:

  • Sometimes it takes searching a few times with this first tool (it did for our business).
  • We recommend not sending someone the instant-5-star link, as that seems a little presumptuous, even though it’s cool that’s possible.
  • Note that your reviewers need to have a Google/Gmail account. If your customer base is unlikely to have those (i.e. you’re serving an older client base), you can also include this link to a setup video.

How to ask for a Google review

Here we go! You’ve got your Google My Business link ready to go.

Now get the email addresses of your three most recent happy customers. I’m serious. Do it now.


Here is a customer review email template you can use:


Hope you’re doing well.

I’m writing to ask if you’d be willing to leave a quick online review for the recent [SPECIFIC] services from us because I’m working on improving our online marketing. It should only take a moment if you click here [INSERT LINK YOU CREATED ABOVE].

It would really help me if you mentioned the [quality of material used, customer service you received, turnaround time, price, etc.].

Thanks, and let me know if you have questions,


P.S. – If you’d like to create a similar link to send your customers for reviews on the Google page for your business, check out this video. Once you get enough reviews your stars appear in the search results, which can help your listing stand out. I’m almost there!


And that’s it! You may be surprised how responsive people are. When you provide terrific service, people are happy to give you a quick review in return, especially when you make it this easy for them.

Also notice the P.S. – that’s a great thing to include if you’re B2B, because you’re providing value to the other business. Reciprocity matters!

What if they don’t have a Google account?

Remember that the reviewer has to have a Google/Gmail account to write a review. If they respond and say they don’t have an account, you can send them this video that shows them how to do it. It should only take a few minutes.

This is only likely to be an issue with certain client bases (e.g. elderly customers who don’t get online very much).

Am I allowed to ask for Google reviews? What about Yelp?

Google doesn’t mind you soliciting reviews by asking like this, whereas Yelp does. That’s right, Yelp doesn’t want you to ask customers for reviews. The best way to suggest to your customers to leave a review on Yelp is to get a Yelp sticker and put it in your business’s window by the door so customers think to leave reviews for you. (You can also read our full write-up on how to get the most out of Yelp as a business owner and why you should never, ever buy their ads.)

Unfortunately Google stopped including their Review Us on Google sticker, so sending that link in an email is going to be your surest bet.

Never stop earning and asking for reviews

Don’t stop once you have stars showing up in organic search listings! In the same way you should think of links to your website as growing “link equity” for your SEO, you want to grow your “customer review equity” month after month.

Do this by earning both high star ratings (you want to be in the 4-5 range consistently) and dozens of individual reviews. When future customers are deciding whether to buy from you and they see all your past customers singing your praises, the decision will be easy.

Happy outreach!


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