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Free SEO Tools: How to Rank Higher Without Paying a Dime

November 15th, 2018 Posted by SEO 0 comments on “Free SEO Tools: How to Rank Higher Without Paying a Dime”

There are now some truly amazing free SEO tools that can get you very close to all the way toward ranking higher for targeted online searches.


Is it really possible to fully optimize for Google’s algorithm without paying for expensive SEO tools?

I would say yes. Now it is. And that’s awesome.

How to Optimize Your Existing Website for Search Engines

Once you’ve done your initial pass at optimizing your website for your target keyword phrases, you should monitor and work to improve your rankings over time.

As I often tell our team and our clients, the work of SEO never really ends.

We all need to remain vigilant to continue to reap the rewards of targeted search traffic from customers and clients who are looking online for exactly what we offer.

Here’s the process I follow when I’m optimizing my own pet portrait company’s website for Google search. While I love using fancy paid SEO tools like AhrefsSEMRush and Moz Pro, I can get pretty dang far using just the following free SEO tools:


SEO Case Study: #1 National Ranking in less than a year

September 5th, 2018 Posted by National SEO 0 comments on “SEO Case Study: #1 National Ranking in less than a year”

Check out this SEO Case Study in which we discuss how we ranked Splendid Beast #1 for dog paintings in under a year and with fewer backlinks than the competitors.



One thing we didn’t dwell on in the video was “dwell time,” which is the amount of time users spend on the page or site after they click your link. From looking at the analytics, the dwell time for this page and for the site from this organic landing page has been really good. Google is likely interpreting that as a sign that we’re showing the searcher what they want to see: dog paintings.


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