About Us

We bring advanced online marketing from the major cities to local businesses right here


To find new customers for our local business partners using the best and latest online marketing techniques. We believe that sharing our expertise openly and widely is our path to growth, that all marketing investments should measurably prove their returns, and that small dedicated companies stand to benefit the most from the new media landscape.


To become the go-to online marketing firm for growing local businesses in the Midwest. We foresee an era with fewer lifetime employees and more entrepreneurs who can connect with the people they serve.

Who is Get Found Madison?

Get Found Madison Founder Eagan Heath


Eagan Heath

Founder, SEO, Google AdWords and Analytics Expert

I started Get Found Madison because I saw how even small businesses can grow by embracing modern online marketing techniques and analytics. I believe strongly in entrepreneurship and the good it can do for the world. My goal is to help other entrepreneurs grow and improve their businesses with creativity and logic.

As an INTJ personality type, I read and learn obsessively, and search engine marketing has been a focus of my research for the last three years.  I bring my experience from five years in project management and implementation consulting at Epic to the hundreds of tasks in each SEO campaign. Every item on the checklist gets done and all results are measured because I can’t operate any other way.

I also love setting up new ad campaigns and tracking analytics, then squeezing the most out of every penny of ad spend.

I like to play guitar and banjo, read, write, listen to podcasts, and make homebrew.


Caroline Wahlen

Project Manager

My degree in Life Sciences Communication from UW-Madison has kickstarted my interest in the world of digital marketing and communication where I am striving to grow my knowledge in SEO, SEM, and website analytics. At Get Found Madison, I have the opportunity to work in these areas and also oversee projects as they progress.

I interned for another startup company in Madison and was inspired to continue in the startup world where everyone takes turns ‘driving the bus’.

On weekends you can find me hiking, playing the piano, ukulele, and spending time with my friends and family.


Elizabeth Boothby

Marketing Strategist

I love beautiful design, the written word, and the learning alongside the ever-changing landscape of marketing. With an English degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I recently completed the Master’s in Business Administration program from Carroll University.

One of my favorite marketing tools is Facebook; creating engaging content with the right audience is a great way to help clients cut through the marketing noise.

Over the years, I have developed a robust background and a holistic business view from wearing multiple hats which include marketing, account management, sales, merchandising, procurement, and operations. I additionally held a role on the finance team due to my pure enjoyment of analysis, the vast capabilities of Excel, and numbers’ ability to tell some amazing stories.

I enjoy reading, people-watching, shoes, board games, politics, and traveling to tropical locations. My husband, daughter, and I currently live in Waukesha, WI.

Ben Ratkey photo


Ben Ratkey

Content Writer and Web Consultant

I find it rewarding to research, write, and edit good web content that’s valuable to readers and businesses alike — from blog posts to website copy to email marketing. I also enjoy honing all of the myriad skills that go into building a successful web presence; there is always something new to learn!

I first delved into SEO when I started my own online freelancing business, and since then I’ve become a part of Get Found Madison. I love web design, SEO, and Internet marketing, and I’m currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science to broaden my skillset further.

I like reading and learning, playing board games, and discovering new experiences and activities.

Blog & Newsletter Writer and Editor


Kate Larson

Writer & Editor

I’m a writer and editor who’s obsessed with how language can change people’s minds and behavior. With a background in tiny nonprofits, I’m used to being a communications department of one – so I have experience writing web copy, blog posts, annual reports, email newsletters, case studies, press releases – you name it, I’ve written it on multiple topics with a tight deadline. I’ve also designed communications calendars, blog series, and social media campaigns.

I specialize in crafting key messaging that speaks to a particular audience, and I’ve written for audiences ranging from Fortune 500 CEOs to middle-school science teachers. I love finding and telling stories that surprise people and spur them to learn more.

When I’m not writing, I’m usually exploring Madison on foot or by bicycle, sending postcards to international strangers, buying too many books, or spending time with my wife.

Aaron Shapiro

Graphic Designer & SEO Analyst

I love being creative and making something new and unique out of somebody’s vision. One of my favorite things is getting people excited with new ideas that they may not have considered. Having backgrounds in hospitality, graphic design, internet marketing, and SEO definitely goes a long way in helping me accomplish this.

I like being being faced with challenges that help grow me in my daily life and professionally. One of the things I think is most important is to have the capacity to adapt and change. I wouldn’t be where I am today or writing this bio right now if I didn’t. I’d like to think this outlook has made me a better worker and a better person.

When I’m not drafting mock-ups for Splendid pet paintings, I enjoy creating designs for stores like RedBubble and Society6. I also love binge watching tv shows and then quoting them incessantly. Reading will always be a love of mine as will getting lost in used book stores.

Biography photo of Hannah Biggs for Get Found Madison


Hannah Biggs

Public Relations & Marketing Specialist

Every business has a story to tell, and with a background in public relations, marketing, and software testing, I enjoy helping businesses get their message heard. I am fascinated by the constantly changing landscape of digital marketing and love continually learning & improving.

In addition to traditional PR, content marketing, and social media marketing, I am passionate about using Pinterest as a marketing tool for small businesses and bloggers.

In my spare time, you can usually find me with my dog or at the barn with my horse. I also enjoy binge-watching TV shows, listening to podcasts, reading, and crafting.

Helen Lee

Analyst & Writer/Editor

Since graduating from the University of Michigan with a Bachelors in Business Administration, I have worked in analytics, primarily in the Marketing field. I have worked for large corporations including Fidelity Investments and Domino’s Pizza, but after moving to the Madison area, I began putting my resources into developing my freelance career. Along the way, I earned my Masters in Business Administration from the Smith Business School at the University of Maryland.

Writing has also been an integral part of my work. Communicating the story the numbers show has always been a passion of mine. I look forward to developing my writing skills through a variety of projects. In addition, I am excited about further expanding my analytical skills by working on web site analytics and SEM/SEO projects.

When I am not on my laptop working, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two sons. We spend much of our free time watching our boys play sports.