Why choose Get Found Madison for SEO?

Because we live here, we’re personable, and we’re experts. Whether you need search engine optimization, paid search through Google AdWords, or intelligence about your marketing channels, we teach you what you need to know and handle the rest.

Let’s look at a few Case Studies from real Madison area businesses

Turning $1200 into $650,000

Watch the video to hear about how Tim from Sugar Creek Homes got more than a 500x return on his investment.

Tim hired us to manage his Google and Bing Ads, and his business made $650,000 as a result of those pay-per-click ads.

Business name change and duplicate listings 

Here’s what we did for one local hair salon in well under a year.

This salon

  • had just changed their business name
  • had inconsistent information all across the web
  • had multiple different Google+ pages dividing up their reviews and providing incorrect addresses
  • wasn’t showing up on the first page even when people searched “hair salon” in their town
  • was being outranked by competitors just down the street
Salon SEO Madison

Fast ranking results that last!

In three months, we got them to #2 for local and organic results for “hair salon” in their town. The majority of all click-throughs to websites take place in the top 3 rankings.

While we offer ongoing SEO services after the initial campaign to tackle that top spot or other keyword search phrases, some businesses do just fine with the results from our initial campaign.

Despite the many algorithm changes and increased competition, our case study salon is still in those top spots a year and a half later.

Anyone can pay to jump on the first page of Google by paying for each click with Google AdWords. That can be a nice quick boost, but what about the long term? AdWords stops delivering results as soon as you stop paying Google, but organic rankings pay dividends well past the initial work.

SEO rank for a salon

Here’s what the business owners said:

“When we went through a domain name change, it left us with many listing problems on various web sites. We called Eagan to come in and help clean up some of these incomplete listings. Eagan was very efficient in his work. He helped eliminate a lot of the problems we were having with the domain name change. He is very passionate about his work, and really sat down to explain to us solutions to our problems. We enjoyed working with him due to the high degree of passion he puts into his work as well as his hard work ethic. He is highly committed to achieving the goals set forth by clients. Eagan is the type of person that loves a challenge and truly excels when presented with one. The work he did for our company was top notch and we highly recommend him to anyone having SEO related problems.”

Sebastian and Jill, Temptd Salon & Spa

Let’s look at another case study

Fitchburg business seeks Madison customers

Take our client who owns a training gym in Fitchburg, WI. As you can imagine, people in the area searching for training gyms are looking mostly in Madison, not Fitchburg.

So what’s a business owner to do? Like all local businesses, they need their Name, Address and Phone Number accurate across the web, but their address doesn’t say Madison.

If you answered that they should hire Get Found Madison SEO company, you’re catching on.

Check out where we helped get them in just three months.

Training Gym SEO case study

Now that’s a quick jump!

From page 2 to spot #2 in the organic rankings isn’t half bad for being just three months into their campaign. That’s the difference between no one seeing your website and most people who are interested seeing your website.

We’re talking about appearing in front of customers right when they’re looking for what you’re selling. When you optimize for search engines, you optimize for business growth.

Think about what it would mean for your business to get found on Google and Bing now.

Training gym Madison SEO result

Not feeling like being #2? How about #1?

We have to admit that even we were delightfully surprised when our ranking trackers caught F.I.T. ranking #1 for “weight training madison” on desktop and mobile on November 1, 2016. That’s mainly because we’d just started optimizing in August.

This partially speaks to the fact of where SEO is in Madison, Wisconsin. It’s something of a new idea for many business owners here, so if you’re actively working on your SEO, you’re probably ranking in not too much time. We’ve seen this initial 3-month pop in a number of local industries now. The goal afterwards is to continue ranking for other keywords.

Madison SEO result for "weight training madison"
Training Gym Madison #1 SEO result

Here’s what this owner had to say:

“I can’t speak highly enough about the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that Eagan and the team at Get Found Madison do for small businesses. The expertise he possesses for SEO specifically makes it easy to improve our reach online without the headache and time expense that would come with trying to do it ourselves. Get Found Madison has truly found their niche and dominate it!”

Jared Markiewicz, Functional Integrated Training

Did we mention we eat our own cooking?

We popped up on page 1 of Bing for “SEO Madison” four months after we launched this website. This was a nice little surprise even to us, since we compete with other businesses that do this for a living and have been in business much longer than we have.

While many of us use Google as our primary way to search online, it’s worth remembering Bing because it accounts for over 20% of searches in the United States.

page 1 SEO ranking on Bing

That’s nice. What about Google?

There are six pages of results of SEO companies when you Google “SEO Madison.” As of April 2017, we were appearing #1 on page 1 in the organic results. Our entire website was 10 months old at this point. At the one-year mark, our website began appearing in the local maps 3-pack, too.

We’ve since had some success ranking nationally with some of our blog posts, as well. (See below.)

We’re confident that if we can beat 5 result pages of other companies that do this professionally, we can help you outrank your industry’s competition.

Google Result page for "SEO Madison"
page 1 ranking for google review template
page 1 ranking for local seo checklist

Want to know more about how you can do the same?

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Here’s how we help our clients do it

Creating the road map

We translate our technical expertise into action

The major search engines update their algorithms constantly so there simply isn’t time for a business owner to keep up with all the changes, let alone strategize around them with search engine optimization (SEO). And forget about submitting and maintaining business details consistently on over 50 directory sites.

We are constantly researching the latest changes and updating our lengthy technical checklist based on best practices. You want to rank on result pages and we know how to do it.

Better yet, we leverage our 5 years of enterprise project management experience to manage your entire online marketing project so you and your website company always know the next steps.

Online marketing specialists

Isn’t my website company handling this?

You can check for yourself by opening a Private or Incognito browser, then Googling your services in your town without your business name. Are you on the first page for all your services? In the top 5? How about the top 3 where people actually click?

Local SEO changes so fast and has become so specialized that even most web design firms don’t know the basics anymore. We still see meta-tags on some sites, despite the fact they haven’t contributed to SEO since at least 2009. In terms of more modern tactics, most local business websites we see are not:

Plus, the majority of factors affecting your SEO are not directly on your website. You need your entire web presence coordinated, not a website that you set and forget. If you want new customers to find your website, you need an SEO expert.

Measured Marketing

We measure our results to show your return on investment (ROI)

Done properly, online marketing is a wise investment. As such, you should know exactly what your return on investment (ROI) is for each of your marketing channels. That’s why we create regular data-based reports written in plain English to show you exactly where your online marketing investment stands.

Here are some of the metrics we track using tools like Google Analytics:

  • Ranking: Your search engine result page (SERP) ranking for targeted keyword phrases over time
  • Impressions: The number of people who saw the link to your site
  • Click-through-rate (CTR): The % of those people who clicked to your site
  • How long visitors stayed on the site
  • Bounce rate: If visitors quickly left your site after a single page visit
  • Conversions (advanced): actions taken from your site like Contact Us form submissions or Call Now from mobile

Advanced Analytics for Local Businesses

How much is a new customer worth to you?

It goes without saying: you want to make more in sales from new customers than it costs to acquire them. If you can determine the average value of each new customer and have your staff record how each one found you, we can calculate the % return you saw on our services in less than a year. Then we’re measuring your online sales funnel top to bottom. No more pay and pray for your marketing. You can and should know what your marketing spend achieved, and this is how it’s done.

Before you sign on for any of our campaigns, we can help project a range of how valuable SEO could be for you. Tell us: what searches do you want to rank for?

It all comes down to these essentials

Local SEO

Choose the search terms people are using when they’re ready to buy

Target your keywords in the right places throughout your site’s code

Build citations & links across the web so search engines point traffic to you

Local SEO chart

Monitor rankings and traffic across time to prove the value of SEO

Are you ready to get found?

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