Digital Marketing for Senior Living

Online Marketing for Assisted Living and Senior Care Companies

Fill your units and staff openings, be more selective in resident and employee choice, and increase your revenue and profits.

Fill your senior living units and staff openings faster and more profitably!

Are you an assisted living operator having trouble with the following?

  • Finding potential residents to increase your occupancy
  • Finding quality staff to serve your residents
  • Working shifts because you don’t have enough staff
  • Understanding the complexities of internet marketing 
  • Paying lead generation companies like A Place for Mom too much for new move-ins 
  • Growing the business profitably

Here are the problems that many senior living companies struggle with:

  • Not enough time
  • Finding enough of the right staff
  • Not enough technical knowledge to figure out online marketing

We help you get more phone calls, tours and residents, as well as job applicants in your area. 

A Place for Mom charges the first month’s rent for a new move-in, right? That often means you pay $3,500-$7,000 for a new resident. But we can help you generate your own leads, tours and move-ins from online for much cheaper than that. 

Senior Living Marketing Case Studies

When we worked with Milestone Senior Living in Wisconsin, a 9-location senior living company, they went from 82% occupancy to 95.5% in just nine months! For them that was the difference between just breaking even and being wildly profitable. They saw a 20x return on their marketing spend! The owner then sold the business. Not a bad outcome!

You can watch a video presentation about how we did this here if you’d like.

One of our current clients in a small town in Wisconsin is currently seeing a cost per lead of under $40 with the Facebook ads we run for them!

Here’s what an ad that runs in the Facebook feed looks like.

Senior Living Facebook Ad Example

And here are the results. They spent $959.29 and reached 24 leads, which cost $39.97 each.

Assisted Living Facebook Ad Results

If you’re able to close just 10% of leads like this (you can likely close a much higher number), then your new resident move-in costs just $399.70 instead of $3,500+! 

One of the main ways A Place for Mom generates leads is from Google. They show up here, then sell you that lead.

But you can cut out the middle man by running Google Ads in your geographic region just like this. 

When you run Google and Bing Search Ads like this:

  • you only appear if people search for what you offer
  • you only pay if people click to your web page
  • you can measure the results, including the number of leads you receive
  • you get your brand name in front of people who are considering assisted living! 

Here’s what the results can look like. (Note how we can actually measure the results of your marketing so you can see it working!)

Google Ads Dashboard results

This client of ours paid $1,636 for 11 web leads and 15 phone calls. That’s $63 per lead. At a modest and very doable 10% close rate, that’s $630 per move-in. Compare that to A Place for Mom! 

These residents often stay for two years and their families can pay $4,000 per month or more. That means their Customer Lifetime Value can easily be $96,000! When you can acquire new customers for $630 that are worth $96,000 to your business, you can grow not just your revenue but your profit! 

How about Finding New Assisted Living Employees?

This doesn’t just work for finding new residents, it also works for finding new staff! 

Think about it, where do prospective team members hang out? 

Online on their devices like everyone else these days!

That’s why it makes sense to “market” your job positions to them there and make it easy for them to apply online. You’ll be amazed how many more job applicants you can get and how quickly when you find them on their smartphones and let them start the process right away.  

When Sue White from Sienna Crest came to us, she was desperate to fill over a dozen staff positions. She was being run ragged working staff shifts herself and needed to find help fast. 

Check out one of the job ads we helped Sue run.

And how about the results? Over the course of the following months, the client received 157 inquiries at a cost of $17.59 per staff member lead. Not to mention lots of great comments, shares and goodwill for her company!

Senior Living Recruiting Facebook Ad Results

As a result of these Facebook Ads, Sue was able to bring on new team members quickly and get them trained up to help her get back to working high-level “on her business” instead of “in her business” taking care of residents. 

Are you ready to grow your senior living business?

How about you? Are you ready to grow your business? 

What would it mean for you to be able fill your occupancy and go on a wait list? How about fill all your staff openings? 

And once your current buildings are full and staffed, you can think about growing your units and locations if you want to.

We’re here to help you succeed with all of the above. 

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