Social Media Marketing – Facebook Ads

What can social media marketing do for your business?

Social media marketing can be a powerful tool for reaching the exact market that you want to target. Facebook ads have many ways to be customized so they only get shown to the people that you want to see them. Running Google Ads concurrently with Facebook ads is a great way to make sure you’re covering all your bases.

Being able to target things like specific age ranges, gender, location, and likes helps ensure your Facebook ads are being shown to your exact target audience. We’ll go more into their effectiveness shortly.

Social media marketing is excellent for:

  • Targeting specific demographics
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Generating Demand for New Products and Services
  • Re-marketing to prospective customers
  • Content marketing
social media marketing facebook ad

In social media marketing, organic reach isn’t good enough

Even if your customer base is present on social media and your business has a significant following, it’s unlikely that most of those followers will even see your posts. Organic reach has been dropping for a long time, so you can’t count on Facebook’s algorithm to show your content to people for free anymore.

Facebook organic reach down

What makes Facebook Ads effective?

One of the major strengths of Facebook Ads is their ability to target particular demographics. For example, if your business sells high-end luxury Jacuzzis, you can have your ads displayed only to Facebook users who are above a certain income threshold. We’ll help you narrow in on the most promising market for your business.

Facebook ads are also terrific for re-marketing. You can show ads to customers who visited your site in the past or showed interest. A well-crafted ad could bring those people back to your site again, earning you more conversions.

Content marketing also works well on Facebook. By offering free value to your prospective customers, you can gain their interest and trust. Then you have a foothold for re-marketing to those prospects later on.

Ready for social media marketing that really works?

Get Found Madison can design and manage a Facebook Ads campaign for your business. Target the most promising prospective customers and re-market to bring people back to your site.