Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Rank higher when people search. Organically.

People who are searching should be able to find your business. With search engine optimization, you can rank higher in Google and Bing, driving more organic web traffic to your site.

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of optimizing a website and a company’s web presence in order to increase organic (or unpaid) traffic to that site from search engines. Google has over 200 ranking factors when deciding what to show people after they search. What SEO does is help Google better understand what your website is all about and bring it to the top of the unpaid results. That way, it will then show up higher in the list of search results on Google and more people will click.

You can see in the graph below how the closer you are to #1, the higher the click-through rate, or CTR.

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SEO that gets real results

We eat our own cooking. Take a look at the Google search results for the keywords “SEO Madison.”

Get Found Madison has claimed a spot in the “three-pack” results at the top and the #1 organic position just below the maps results. If we can do rank against other companies that do this professionally, we can do it in your industry.

We offer services for every step of the SEO process, from keyword research reports, to website SEO, to blogging, content writing and link building. Wherever your business is currently at, we are ready to help.

Not sure what you need? We can assess and tell you what plan seems the most suitable for your website.

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What our Search Engine Optimization can do for you

We assist businesses at every level: from Madison & local SEO, Wisconsin SEO, all the way up to national SEO, we can handle it all. 

We’ve been the SEO company of choice for many small to medium businesses, international businesses, and everything in between. We’ve worked with local service businesses, regional B2B companies, and small national ecommerce brands.

We offer a multitude of different SEO services that you can customize to fit exactly what you need.

We offer a variety of SEO services – our goal is to meet your needs

SEO for Local Businesses

We offer the following for Local SEO:

See some of our local SEO results for previous clients.

SEO for E-commerce Stores

We provide SEO for e-commerce websites:

Previous clients:

Subcontracting for Web Design Firms

We offer the following on a white label or affiliate commission basis:

Ready to get more organic web traffic with Search Engine Optimization? Wondering where to start?

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