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Our clients pay us for results and so that's what we deliver. We work to get new accounts profitable as quickly as possible, then scale them up for maximum client ROI.

(True story: Multiple clients have had challenges scaling production to meet the increased sales).

SEO Analytics

Burman Coffee was struggling with their organic search rankings and traffic. They were also too busy to continue running their Google Ads and wanted an agency to help.


Burman's original goal was to increase their organic search rankings and traffic, and hand off their Google ads management.


We ultimately revamped their entire digital marketing strategy by starting up Facebook Ads from scratch and by switching their email marketing to Klaviyo for smart automation.....


SEO Analytics


Increased Growth


Facebook Ad Spend


Facebook Ad Sales


SEO Revenue Increase


Revenue Email Flows


Return on Google Ads


Increased Google Ads

Facebook Ad Performance

They had never run Facebook Ads and were skeptical of the platform in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, but we encouraged them to let us give it a try, and they’ve been very happy we pushed for it.


Facebook Ad Spend


Facebook Ad Sales

Lifetime Performance

Here’s their lifetime performance (19.74x ROAS!) through Jan 13, 2021. This attribution window is the old default 28-day click and 1-day view.

Lifetime 28-Click Attribution Performance

They still saw a 9.38x ROAS on a lifetime 28-click attribution performance through Jan 13, 2021.

SEO Performance

Burman Coffee saw a massive increase in organic search revenue and traffic, which were two of their main goals in working with Caravan Digital.


Organic Search Revenue Increase 2019-2020


Organic Search Users Increase

Revenue from organic search grew 75.16% year-over-year 2019 to 2020 according to Google Analytics.

Users from organic search increased 71.95%.

Per Google Search Console, they were getting more than twice as many impressions and clicks on Google through April 2020.

Year-over-year clicks continued to increase in Q4 2020 (Google Search Console doesn’t provide full year-over-year data, unfortunately).

Google Ads Performance

After optimizing and improving Google Ads for a year, Burman had a ROAS of 8.92x.

For the year 2020, Google Search, Display and Shopping ads saw a profitable Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 8.92x. Burman Coffee spent $36k and made $323.7k.

They made 69.35% more from Google Ads and actually spent 1.13% less compared to 2019.





Email Performance

Switched from Constant Contact to Klaviyo and now measuring revenue directly from email

Set up automated email flows that brought in $68.5k in revenue in one year

More than doubled their email list size in 15 months and email contributed over $1M to annual sales

Customer Lifetime Value

We did some additional business consulting to crunch sales data to discover Customer Lifetime Value. We discovered that 77% of Roaster buyers go on to purchase other products, which gives a great strategy to long-term customer and sales growth.

“Burman Coffee Traders has been in business since 2002. We began working with Eagan and his team approximately 1 year ago. In that time, [they] helped us set up a new email marketing tool that helped us grow our new prospect list to over 1000 contacts.

Eagan also reviewed our sales data to calculate our customer acquisition lifetime value which helped us recognize that 77% of our roaster buyers go on to purchase coffee beans and other products from us.

Lastly, our success manager, Caroline Wahlen, has gone over and above by learning to roast her own coffee at home! She truly tries to understand our business and thus writes very effective Facebook copy.’’

Kathie Burman, Owner

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