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Ready for more sales from your marketing efforts this year?

January 5th, 2023 Posted by Marketing and Sales 0 comments on “Ready for more sales from your marketing efforts this year?”

What’s the fastest way for a small business to grow sales? 

The answer may surprise you.

Improve responsiveness and persistence when following up with leads that come in. 

Here’s what the Harvard Business Review found: 

Firms that tried to contact potential customers within an hour of receiving a query were nearly seven times as likely to qualify the lead…as those that tried to contact the customer even an hour later—and more than 60 times as likely as companies that waited 24 hours or longer.”

How would you like to be 7x times more likely to have a sales conversation with ready buyers? 

How about 60x times? 

And what about following up with leads faster than one hour? 

Well, it turns out it’s really worth setting up systems to follow up as quickly as possible. 

Like 5 minutes quickly. See below.


Note the crazy drop off even between 5-10 minutes: 400%!!

Those are leads you paid to generate through marketing and advertising just going down the drain!

It’s a fast-moving, cold world out there, and your competitors are just a thumb tap away on your prospect’s smartphone.

But is it really possible to get back to leads within 5 measly minutes?!

More on that in a second.

But first, there’s another issue: if you don’t reach leads right away, the key is to keep trying!

Look at this other graph.


If you follow up 6 times, your odds of reaching the lead are 90%. 

Most sales reps give up waaaaaay before that. 

Oh, and 30% of leads are never contacted at all. 


The Bottom Line

Look, I know how it is. I’m a busy ADHD entrepreneur, and if you’re not ready to buy from me right this second, I’m already onto the next thing. 

But here’s the thing: in business, as in romance (I dare say), the trick is to slow down and play the long game.

Pay immediate attention to the people who want to talk to you and be persistent about keeping the conversation going. 

All this is to say: I’m excited to announce that we’re rolling out new services to help you increase your sales from your existing marketing efforts.

  • Dedicated Phone Numbers for Call Tracking 
  • Sales Call Recordings
  • The ability to text leads through SMS
  • Automatic text messages to calls you miss
  • Dedicated Landing Pages for higher conversions rates and better campaign tracking
  • CRM pipeline setup to track lead status through the sale
  • Automated text messages and emails (6+ automatic follow up attempts!) to move leads through your sales pipeline steps
  • Calendar integration so leads can book time directly with your sales team
  • Start text conversations through your website 
  • Text through Google My Business (GMB)


Which of these would help your sales team the most? Let me know!

You can book time with me below to discuss how we can help you generate leads and close more of them into sales. 


Happy New Year!



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