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How Your FAQ Page Can Become a Valuable Content Marketing Source

April 27th, 2021 Posted by B2B Marketing, Digital Marketing, Guest Blog 0 comments on “How Your FAQ Page Can Become a Valuable Content Marketing Source”

An FAQ page isn’t always the first thing you think about when building an effective content marketing plan for your website. 

However, just like your blog posts, social media content, and how-to guides, your FAQ page can demonstrate incredible business value.

Frequently Asked Questions are where you address the various queries and concerns your customers might have when interacting with your business. 

You can deal with concerns about shipping and returns or just let your customers know where your supplies come from. 

FAQ pages are excellent for informing and educating your customers, meaning they’ll usually feel more confident about buying from you. 

At the same time, that’s where you can build your digital presence and even boost business credibility. 

Let’s see what makes FAQ pages so effective. 

FAQ Page Can Improve Your SEO

SEO is an essential part of building an effective business and making sure customers can find you online.  (more…)

Business to Business (B2B) Marketing: Bring Prospects to Your Site

April 27th, 2018 Posted by B2B Marketing 0 comments on “Business to Business (B2B) Marketing: Bring Prospects to Your Site”

B2B marketing presents challenges for even the savviest online marketers. “My prospective clients aren’t on Facebook, what do I do?” Luckily, there are still options when you’re selling to other businesses.


We describe a few of the most promising paid channels in this video.




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