The Best Online Marketing Resources We’ve Found

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One of the great things about the internet is how you learn how to use it better by using the internet.


But given how much information there is out there, it can be nice when someone curates it for you and just gives you the best of the best.

Here are the go-to internet marketing resources we’ve used to learn the trade and that we heartily recommend to others. Bookmark this page because we will update it as we find new ones.

Best SEO Resources

If you’re at the absolute beginning of your organic traffic journey, definitely read the classic Moz Beginner’s Guide to SEO. You can also get it straight from the horse’s mouth here in the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

If you need to brush up/learn basic website HTML, you can’t go wrong with Code Academy’s HTML course. They’re great for CSS and JavaScript, too. We also love The Net Ninja on YouTube.

We walk through the processes we follow in our Local SEO Checklist and our Full SEO Course (which are drawn in part from Christine Maisel’s Local SEO Udemy course):

When you’re ready to move toward the deeper end, check out these resources:

When you have specific questions, try the forums!

Best Google Ads Resources

Ready to buy some quick traffic and see how you do? Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can be a smart strategy to test before diving into year-long SEO campaigns!

This is a great area to go straight to the source by checking out the Google AdWords Certification and the AdWords Fundamentals Study Guide.

We also strongly recommend:

Have a specific pay per click (PPC) question? Either tweet @AdWords or check out the fantastic PPC subreddit:

Learn Google Analytics

We offer a Free Google Analytics course here.

We also have a posts about What to Look For In Google Analytics and How Should I Be Using Analytics?

If you like to hear it right from the horse’s mouth, you may also want to check out the official Google Analytics Certification materials.

Learn Google Tag Manager & Google Data Studio

Google Tag Manager is an incredible, free tool to that helps you track specific interactions on your site (clicks, scroll depth, video views, form submissions) and fires your tracking tags without you needing to add code to your CMS like WordPress.

Google Data Studio is another amazing free tool that allows you to create dynamically updating, visual reports. We cover it in our Free Analytics Basics video course.

We strongly recommend these YouTube channels to learn more about these powerful tools:

Learn How to Run Effective Facebook Ads

Once again, Perry Marshall’s Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising is a good primer. Prefer to learn visually? Here’s a great YouTube video showing you the basics from the beginning.

To stay up to date on the latest (which is important given how often Facebook changes their tools and capabilities), we recommend The Ecommerce Influence Podcast.

How to Build a WordPress Site

This YouTube video shows you beginning to end how to create a WordPress website using the super simple Divi Theme. Search YouTube when you need to solve specific problems.

The YouTube channel WP Learning Lab specifically is a fantastic WordPress resource.

 Landing Page Design / Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Absolutely watch Isaac Rudansky’s Udemy class: Landing Page Design & Web Design Fundamentals 2017!

Great Resources about Digital Marketing in General

It’s gotta be the Marketing School podcast. Each episode is short, sweet and jam-packed with usable nuggets.

What are we missing?

Let us know, but only if you’re plugging other people’s resources. If we see any more emails from strangers plugging their infographics…well, we’ll just delete them like we do the others.

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